Rhythm n Steps Dance Academy West Auckland classes on offer for 2020


Fairy Ballerina Dance 2+ years 

Designed and crafted by the talented Helen Anderson and is a 30 minute session of pure magic! 

Swirling, twirling and lots of props for the little ones to develop their imagination with basic dance exercises to build strength

and co ordination.  Dress up to your hearts content and let the dance begin!  See you there soon beautiful ballerinas!! 

Class size limited to max 15 students.


Kinder Magic Dance 3+ years 

Designed and crafted by the talented Helen Anderson. 

A 45 minute session developing self expression, musicality and body control in a caring environment. 

The next step on from RnS Fairy Ballerina Dance.  You may wish to keep their fancy dress, or move to the

uniform if it makes choosing your wardrobe easier!!!  Classes fill fast and space is limited to a max of 15 students.


Ballet – Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) -

The Academy follows the Graded and Vocational examinations of the RAD.  This is a world renowned syllabus and allows

students from the age of 5 to start taking part in examinations.  Pointe work as part of the Vocational syllabus is taught to every student.


Swiss Ball Body Core 

Is compulsory for every student from grade 1 upwards to help develop strength and flexibility from an early age and an understanding of their body anatomy for dance.  A specially designed programme by Helen Anderson.


Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Stretch Leap & Spin and Hip Hop, New Zealand Association of Modern Dance (NZAMD) 

We follow this Syllabus for these styles of dance which enable children from the age of 4 (in some of these classes) to start

taking part in examinations and Awards.  This allows students to attend a 45 minute lesson once a week.

RnS Jazz Hop is the latest craze for students who are undecided about which style of dance they want to learn.  3 styles in one class Ballet to produce a strong and understood body, and has lashings of Jazz and Hip Hop blended through it to develop an aware funky young dancer.


Competition Work / Dance Squad 

There is opportunity for solo and group competition work, available to those students who excel and show determination in their dance training.  Students learn specifically choreographed dances and dance in custom made costumes and attend private

lessons to perfect their dances and compete nationally.


Private Tuition 

Is available for competition work, examination work and for personal development and body strengthening.


Recreational Adult Dance Classes

We offer for all ages/abilities Ballet Thursdays 8.15pm - 9.15pm.  A yoga mat is essential and classes run on a concession card basis $130 for 10 classes or $15 casual class fee.


NZAMD Guidelines for Class Levels


Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop


Rosette Pre Grade One – 4 -6 years – exam with teacher assistance.

Rosette Pre Grade Two – 5-7 years exam with teacher assistance.

Rosette Pre Grade Three – 6-8 years – exam no teacher assistance.

Parents/Caregivers watch the Rosette Presentation Ceremony at the conclusion of the exam.


Level /Grade 1 - 8 years (B, J, T).  

Level /Grade 2 – 9 years (B, J, T).  

Level/Grade 3 – 10 years (B, J, T).  

Level/Grade 4 – 11 years (B, J, T). 

Level/Grade 5 – 12 years (B, J, T).  

Pre Elementary – 13 years (B, J, T). 

Elementary – 14 years (B, J, T). 

Intermediate – 15 years (B, J, T). 

Level/Grade 5 – 15 years (HH).

Advanced - 16 years (B, J, T).




Introduction – 9 years.

Preparatory – 10 years.

Level One – 11 years.

Level Two – 12 years.

Level Three – 13 years.

Level Four – 14 years.

Level Five – 15 years.

Level Six – 16 years.


RAD Ballet Guidelines for Class Levels 


Pre Primary – 5 years – exam can be with teacher assistance.

Primary – 6 years – exam can be with teacher assistance.

Grade One – 7 years.

Grade Two – 8 years.

Grade Three – 9 years.

Grade Four – 10 years.

Grade Five – 11 years.

Grade Six, Seven and Eight – 12 years up.

Intermediate Foundation – 11 years.

Intermediate – 12 years.

Advanced Foundation – 13 years.

Advanced One – 14 years.

Advanced Two – 15 years.

Solo Seal – 16 years.






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